RouteNote Brand Assets and Resources
Please read through the usage guidelines below and apply it when using any of our brand assets with your business or website. Make sure that you are always using our current assets by returning to this page and downloading directly from it, please never use assets from another source. Below you will find all of our brand assets available for download and use.
RouteNote Logo// Our Logomark is at the core of the RouteNote Brand
RouteNote Logo with Tag Line
Our complete logo and tagline sits at the heart of the RouteNote Brand.
RouteNote Logo
Our logo without tagline works well for smaller spaces or for use across partner websites.
Logo Guidelines
The RouteNote Logo can be used with or without our tagline, it is always centre aligned or left aligned-never right aligned.
The Tagline is Arial Regular, the type size can vary but must be no smaller than 10pt and no larger than 20pt.
The RouteNote Logo and Routenote Logo with Tagline are downloadable below. The Tagline logo and is to be used at the size supplied only and in colour variations adhering to our guidlines.
Colour Guidelines
The RouteNote Logo should only be used in three colourway, those that form the identity of our brand. For lighter backgrounds, assets can be used in either the RouteNote Core Blue, or Pure Black. For darker backgrounds please use the Assets supplied in Pure white.
Using the Logo// The RouteNote Logo with tagline has a few rules of it's own
There should always be a 10px margin between the RouteNote Logo Mark and the Tagline below.
Left aligned the Tagline should line up with the ‘e’ of the RouteNote logo and the second ‘o’. When Centre aligned, the tagline should line up with the first‘o’ and the ‘t’ of the RouteNote Logo. The Tagline should be Arial Regular and sit at an even numbered font size between 12pt and 20pt - it should be readable and sit neatly.
When using the RouteNote logo please make sure it has enough room to breath. The minimum size of the full RouteNote logo is 150px. There should always be a margin of at least 20px surrounding the complete RouteNote Logo with or without tagline.
What Not to Do
- Don't place the tagline beneath the logomark without correct spacing
- Don't increase the type size of the tagline
- Don't align the tagline to the right
- Don't change the colour of any RouteNote assets
- Don't change the typeface of the logo or edit RouteNote assets
- Don't use added graphics or words around assets
- Don't combine RouteNote assets
- Don't rotate or invert RouteNote assets
- Never use an out of date version of RouteNote Brand assets
- Never alter RouteNote assets
RouteNote Brand Colours// Our key colours
Core Blue
R:19 G:84 B:173
Light Blue
R:1 G:114 B:190
Pure Black
R:0 G:0 B:0
Dark Grey
R:51 G:51 B:51
Light Grey
R:250 G:250 B:250
Pure White
R:255 G:255 B:255
RouteNote Typography// Accessibility is always our top priority
Oswald Light
Arial Bold
Body Text
Arial Regular
Font Usage Guidelines
We believe functionality and accessibility trump all. Our Primary font is Arial, a neo-grotesque font, founded in 1982. Arial is a versatile sans serif design which has become a staple for textual content and body copy.
RouteNote Icon// Our extended RouteNote Brand family
RouteNote Icon with Circle
We recommend using this RouteNote Icon in social situations, along side other icons. It’s larger formats can be used in profile scenarios.
RouteNote Icon with Circle
A smaller variation on the RouteNote Icon with Circle, this icon is a little neater and can be used where less space is given.
Icon Guidelines
Our Icons are designed for use across mobile devices, where a full logo might be a little too bulky, or in social situations.

To maintain the standard of the RouteNote brand, our icons should never be used in size dimensions smaller than 37px x37px. Similarly to RouteNote Logo’s, there should always be a little empty space around the icons, this should be at least 10px.
RouteNote Badges// Find your way to RouteNote with our badges
RouteNote Badges
We recommend using RouteNote text badges as a direct link in your websites Header or Footer. There are space efficient and subtle.
RouteNote Illustrations
We recommend using RouteNote Illustration badges on mobile devices, or on artist pages. The colour variations ensure they are not design dominant.
Badge Guidelines
Use RouteNote Badges across your business or website to let people know that you partner with us. Badges must be used at 100% supplied size. Never increase or decrease the badge size, doing so will decrease the quality and accessibility of the asset. It will also sit outside of our guidelines.

There are two colour variations of our assets for light and dark backgrounds. You can download these below.
RouteNote Resources// Always on hand to help
We think we’ve covered all the bases on how to apply the RouteNote Brand assets and Brand Values to your business and website, but if you have any questions or are unsure then please contact us at We are always on hand to help out. Please remember to check back regularly to keep up to date with the most recent Brand Material, making sure you are as current as can be.