About RouteNote
Officially launched in 2007, RouteNote began as a digital music distribution platform for independent artists and labels to get their music online, for free!
For ongoing information about Routenote, check out our blog. For service questions, partnership proposals or press enquiries, please, feel free to drop us an e-mail.
Our Story
RouteNote is partnered with some of the biggest retailers on the web to give artists massive and immediate availability for their products. We have since grown into a full digital media management service providing artists, labels and creators instant access to a large proportion of the online market.
Music Distribution Simplified
RouteNote's Digital Services Include:
  1. Digital Music Distribution
  2. Online, bespoke Label and Management services
  3. YouTube Network Opportunities
  4. SoundCloud Network Opportunities
Onsite, artists, labels and creators can upload content to the RouteNote catalogue and enter into a non-exclusive agreement permitting us to distribute their music to a worldwide audience.
Our rates for providing a distribution service are currently the best in the market and our ever expanding catalogue gives us increasing muscle with which to negotiate deals from which everyone, artists, clients and distribution partners included will all benefit.
Meet The Team
Steven Finch
CEO RouteNote
James Bennett
COO RouteNote
Liam colclough
YouTube Network Manager
Nick Croucher
Business Development and Artist Management
Sam sweeney
SoundCloud Network Manager
Alex Lethbridge
Outertone Label Management
Lucy Alexander
Lead Creative
Luke Evans
Junior Creative
James Kingsley
Full Stack Developer
Jacca Cock
Digital Content Producer
Kelly Bartram
Lead Artist Communication and Support
Katie McConnell
Artist Communication and Support
Tanith Cherrie-Weal
Artist Communication and Support
Sam Randall
Lead Quality Control
Bryn Oldfield
Quality Control
Ed Pipkin
Quality Control and Content Operations
Jordan Jane
Content Operations
Lee Matthews
Quality Control
Zoe Leonard
Quality Control
Sam Wearne
Quality Control
Jon Mitchell
Quality Control
Marlon Mansell-Jones
Content Operations
George Batey
Content Operations
John Steppens
Content Operations
Simon Zverko
Content Operations
Jamie Chown
Content Operations
Ryan Enefer-Mills
Content Operations